You are worthy

The rose had lost its essence

Somehow it is now a pretense

The petals still had the smell of love

Yet , the symbol of love was forlorn


Sunflowers, Daisies and Jasmine

Their place once lost are now known

Each depicting beauty differently

Love has found new faces distinctly


Roses no more depict only class

There is equality now in the flowers

Some are used in healing

Others represent feelings


Like flowers, humans are distinct

Distinct shapes, sizes and color

Different, but not worthless

Worthy of the same respect

Each with their own thrust


One can be a Rose, other a Dahlia

Both in the same garden

Not preferred one over the other

Granted equal attention and care

Making the garden even prettier


The future is to grow together

Letting go of the insecurities

The rose will still be a rose

But high time to acknowledge others


Don’t judge, curse or demean looks

For eventually everything wilts

Be inclusive of others and flourish

Making the world a poetry to relish























A Handwritten Letter

I sat on my desk

Cleaning up the mess

A pile of junk collected

“Why didn’t I do this before?”

My mind contested


A paper here and there

Lot of debris lying upheld

Talking to myself like a loon

I requested myself

“Please grow up soon”


Throwing away the trash

My eyes caught a note

In a paper stream

A handwritten letter it was

Long forgotten and lost


In the world of emails

The postbox had lost its mystery

The mystery of the unknown

The wait of hearing without the phone

Now it was a sight of despair

I just wished time could pull me back

And drop me there 


Unlike today, it was no small talks

Letters comprised ‘life’ on a walk

The personal touch it brought

Was endearing and enthralling

It felt someone actually wanted to talk

Until technology slipped in

And created a havoc


My phone buzzed

A notification popped up

‘New mail received’ it informed

I chuckled back to my real form

Slipped the letter back in place

A happy smile on my face


I wish some things could come back

From the older times rack

Till then I will be the sailor

Sailing myself though the archives

Sailing across the technology clutter

Waiting for ‘My Handwritten Letter’














A Woman Must Be…

Loved the thought…very well written!!

Wild Scared Crazy

Pure,’ they say,
A woman must be pure.’
Untouched by any other man,
That’s reserved only for her husband.

Skilled,’ they say,
A woman must be skilled.’
An expert in all household chores,
Prefect to move into her husband’s home.

Soft,’ they say,
A woman must be soft.
Never voicing a word of objection,
Quiet and humble, even when she’s trampled.

Pretty,’ they say,
A woman must be pretty.
Put on all the make-up in the world,
Conceal the blemishes, scars, the true beauty.

Employed,’ they say,
A woman must be employed.’
Not draining a man’s income,
But earn lesser, you can’t injure a man’s ego.

Independent,’ they say,
A woman must be independent.’
But the whole house can be dependent on her,
Be it office…

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Who is the prettiest?

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who is the prettiest of them all?

No Reply?It was uncanny

Hey there..Do you see me?


Silence got the place sedated

The mirror’s reply was long awaited

Isn’t it the Snow White?

The fairest of all the dolls

The prettiest of them all

Isn’t that how beauty is defined?


You are right on some sides

But there are more than one Snow White’s

Her beauty is alluring

But with time it will fade

Kindness makes her glow

It is what acts as an evil’s bait


I wonder your words were misconstrued

This is not something society approved

This isn’t how beauty is defined

I have been told I am not fair and undermined

Most occasions judged by my own

Laughing off on caricatures on skin tone


 No my dear, you are mistaken

The seasons have changed

The Snow White never intended to shame

But it was twisted and framed


The prettiest is the one with a kind heart

Not the one who mocks a scar

All the kind ones are Snow White’s

All the strong ones is what beauty looks like

Determined to do what is right

Unaffected by their messy side


They will be mocked again and again

Because evil despises their strength

Remember to smile at them

Let the seed of kindness be sown

Whether Black, Brown or White 

Whatever is your skin tone


Accept yourself and redefine beauty

For it will let the future flourish

Abandon the actual meaning of Snow White

Let the remains of mockery perish

For the future Snow White’s to cherish



snow white











Find your sunshine


‘Hope this goes well’

Our heart wishes to tell

Weary of what future beholds

Hope brings positivity

It camouflages the cold

The sun shines bright these days

The moon sparkles its way

Sometimes the clouds turn gray

And rain is there to sway

As if nature has manifested this tale

And human power is curtailed

Hope holds us strong

It squeezes out all our scorn

We do not realize in the moment

Our hope is on a way to lookout

The sunshine that is lost

It gives us a way to deter the rine

And a reason to find our sunshine












Embrace Uncertainty

Can you define?

Uncertain Questions and

Uncertain times

We are functioned to be in control

To embrace Certainty

To let go of uncertain roles


The jitters it lets us apprehend

We can never behold

But Battles are required

Only when the times are uncertain

The worst is no more unseen

It is for us not to cower but clean


Some days Carpe diem is the motto

Other days baloney is the go to

When we lower our gaze

And  wipen  the haze

Is the day we let go certainty

And open the uncertainty maze


The world commands us

To be aware of the toxicity it holds

For toxicity is certain

While also embracing uncertainty

When the times unfold













From A Closed Door Person

Reading a book

Sliding in a chair

Was a routine with no despair

‘Me time’ – as they say

Was seldom rare

Going out was mostly shrugged off

When I was on a day off

Travel of course was too fast paced

Sitting in my room

My mind always strolling to a faraway place

The closed doors were once a paradise

That people like me never despised

But the times changed in a jiffy

And the closed doors were no more a privy

Reciting this tale for the people to trow

I only want the world to know

Earlier it was a choice

Now a need to be alive….






शिकायत क्यूँ करते हो ?

मेह्फूस हो अपने घरों में

ना कतार में ना बसों में

कैद हो फुर्सत के पलों में

शिकायत क्यूँ करते हो ?


सर पर छत है

साथ है मनपसंद खाना

कसरत करके है मन बहलाना

शिकायत क्यूँ करते हो ?

थक के कुछ नया सीखा आज

पर कबतक चलेगा ये इलाज

कल फिर करो उसी का प्रयास

शिकायत क्यूँ करते हो ?


सैकड़ो जमा हैं बाहर

जिनपर असल में बरसा है कहर

ना घर है ना रोटी

बस है समय की चुनौती

दिख रही है हार

बिमारी क्या मारेगी

भूक से हैं बेहाल

खुश नहीं हैं

क्यूंकि शिकायत की है असल बात

अगली बार जब उलझो

पूछ लेना खुद से यही सवाल

तन मन धन सब सलामत है

तो आखिर शिकायत क्यूँ करते हो ?


— मिताली









फुर्सत के कुछ पल…

आज भागना नहीं है

थम जाना है हमें

हाथ में घड़ी नहीं है

वक़्त ने दिया है वक़्त हमें


कितना अजीब समय है

फुर्सत के कुछ पल दे गया

अक्सर मांगे थे जो हमने

कुछ आज और कुछ कल दे गया


संजो लेते हैं इन पलों को

अब क्या पता कब मिले

हम फिरसे थमना चाहें

और वक़्त ही ना मिले ….


– मिताली



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